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Intercultural Coaching

The globalization of the economy results in companies needing employees and managers who are willing to take on responsibilities and positions in other countries. To secure the success of foreign assignments, it is vital not only to be well prepared through intercultural training but also to support staff with coaching specifically designed for this situation. The key focus is on personal capabilities such as self-management in uncertain situations, in dealing with one’s own internal and external limitations, in developing new, solution-oriented behavioral and action alternatives in a foreign cultural context.

Intercultural Team-Building

The globalization of markets also leads to global corporate strategies – more locations in other countries and a higher number of mobile employees who increasingly work in international subsidiaries. Departments and teams increasingly are comprised of employees from diverse cultural backgrounds and countries. On one hand, this intercultural structure makes the management of teams more complex, but on the other hand it offers additional innovation and creativity potential. The goal of our intercultural team building strategy is the integration of both parties in a constructive plan of action and to utilize the strengths of these teams in order to enhance their performance.